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Getting you back into the action with lighting quick repairs on all consoles and controllers.



Northeast Console Controller Repairs are a console and controller repairs specialist. We offer full restoration and repairs on all console platforms, controllers, and related hardware. With 5 star customer feedback, we thrive on getting you back in the game as quickly as possible.

We are trusted by many gamer types, from casual gamers to professional players, to fully repair their broken controllers or to carry out regular services on their pro controllers.


We ourselves at Northeast Console Controller Repairs are avid gamers so we understand the frustration of a faulty controller and being out of the action for too long. Therefore, we understand all of our customers needs clearly and offer solutions to resolve these needs at competitive prices with lighting quick turnaround times to ensure you are never out of the action for any longer than needed.

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North East Console Controller Repairs header.jpg


We understand that serious gamers do not play with a “stock” controller that is provided with the console on purchase, we know that depending on your gaming needs, you could part with large sums of money for a “professional” controller, and having bought one of these controllers, we understand how important it is for it to be operating at its full potential in order for them to portray the gamers wishes.

Much like anything else electronic, these professional controllers' internal components are prone to deterioration, malfunction and general wear and tear. If you were to purchase a new professional controller every time it started to deteriorate it could become rather costly.

For this reason, Northeast Console Controller Repairs are here to help you! If you are starting to experience any problems with your professional controller, we can offer full repairs to fix any problem your controller has, as well as offering a full rejuvenation service where we bring your old controller back to performing as if it was brand new out of the box.



As well as getting your controller back to a “just out the box” condition we also offer repairs and services on consoles too. This could be anything from a faulty HDMI port to a shorted chip on the motherboard.

As well as repairs, we also offer console services. If your console is becoming too noisy, getting too hot or just not running as smooth as it once was, then it would be advisable to book it in for a service to prevent future/long term damage.

We offer console services for a fantastic price with an ultra-fast turnaround time.

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North East Console Controller Repairs header.jpg


Our main priority at Northeast console controller repairs is our work ethic. We ensure that all repairs are returned back to the client in a professional super quick fashion, no corners are cut! Being gamers ourselves, we know that no gamer wants to be without their favourite equipment for any length of time, even a week can feel like a lifetime! This is why we guarantee to all our customers that when they post their equipment to us, we promise to have them repaired and posted back within just a couple of working days.


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